Button size on iPad


It might be only me, but I find the PLAY, PAUSE, and REWIND buttons in the iPad app (running on an iPad Air 2) pretty small: When I am practicing and have my banjo on my lap and I bend forward to press one of these buttons (with the iPad on a music stand in front of me) I often hit the wrong button. The PLAY button is sort of ok, but more often then not when I try to press the REWIND or PAUSE buttons I actually hit the PLAY button.

Perhaps you could revisit the sizing of those button.


PS: StrumMachine is a great program. I love it!

I’ve thought the same thing when using the iPad, actually. I don’t think I want to increase the size in general, because I think it’s a good size for most usage. (If you or others don’t agree with that, let me know!) But for iPads it’d be nice to have them bigger, definitely. Once approach I could explore is a setting somewhere that will double the size of the controls on the current device. I wouldn’t want to do that by default but for situations like yours it’d be a good idea.

There’s a spacebar keyboard shortcut to play/pause the song, so if you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad you could always use that to start-stop the song with a bigger button. You could even put the keyboard on the floor and use your toe to hit the spacebar. :wink:

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi Luke -

I really like the idea of making the buttons on the iPad bigger as an option.