Chrome question

I typically open Strum Machine and make the window half my screren. Then I click on my sheet music links from that window and put them as half page on other side of the screen. That gives me a convient work space.

As of this morning Chrome only opens a new tab, replacing the strum machine window. Is it just me? I can’t find an option in Chrome to open links in new window instead of tab. Tried restarting.

What device/platform are you on?

I have an iMac desktop.

I’m guessing that Google changed something about Chrome’s behavior there. I haven’t changed anything about Strum Machine that would change this.

You might try making an “app” in Chrome if you haven’t already… here’s how. Otherwise, can’t think of anything else to do to change the default behavior. Websites can tell the browser to open a page in a new window/tab, but they can’t tell it which to do: window or tab. Can’t find a preference in Chrome for it, either.

You can always right-click a link, or hold down Shift while clicking the link, to open it in a new window. And you can drag a tab “out” of the Chrome window to create a new window with that tab.

Okay, thanks Luke. I installed it and that fixed it.