Ever Played List?

Is it possible to have Strummie automatically store some kind of list of all the tunes I have ever played? i.e. including other people’s tunes? I look through my own lists all the time for tunes I’ve forgotten I know, but it would be neat if there was an automatic gathering of things I’ve played. (I do try to save them when I play them, but sometimes I forget.And sometimes I don’t think my ability added up to “yeah, I can play that” and then I never remember to go back and look when I’ve got better lol.)

Keep a folder(s) of the sheet music for tunes/songs you know or are learning.
Keep them (as much as possible) in alphabetical order.
That way you can scroll through SM in conjunction with your notation.
If you play your list in rotation, make a “marker” you also know where you’ve got up to to resume practice next time.
Hope this is of assistance.

You could create a new list, for example; “Tunes I know” or “Tunes I’m working on” and play lists, practice lists, etc. This is easy to do because tunes can be in more than 1 list. Just bring up a tune and click on Lists in the sidebar and select a list or create a new one.

Hey Everyone, Thanks for the suggestions. I know there are lots of work arounds, but they all rely on me REMEMBERING to enact them :slight_smile: I was hoping for a way to circumvent that requirement because remembering things is getting less and less my thing!

I have a note to look into adding some sort of “recently played” view to Strum Machine (maybe an auto-updated list) which has been requested a few times. It’d probably only show the last 10 or so played songs by default, but I could potentially add an option to extend that to an unlimited number of songs. Thanks for your feedback!

That would be awesome. (What I really need though is for Strummie to email me when I haven’t played anything recently and have him tell me I need to get my act together LOL).

I’ve mentioned before that I could use such a list. On Macs at least, when say, I open a folder of sheet music and play tunes in any order from it, at any time I can sort the list by “last played”. It is very useful for my practicing because it’s all right there, what I am working on and when. Adding that sorting feature to SM folders might be beyond practical, I don’t know. But if you could do it I would love it.