Feature Request: Tempo Fine Increments

Hey Luke, I’ve never written you a message before, so this is a good time to say thank you so very much for this amazing tool you have created. I am a fiddler and mandolin player, in multiple bands and jams. I have been using Strum Machine for several years now, and never regret continuing my subscription. Is my most important daily practice tool, and I deeply appreciate your continued work developing it!

Here’s one feature request: On some particularly difficult song passages it would be very helpful to increase the tempo by fine increments. I guess there would be many ways to implement this. Let’s say I was trying to increase the tempo from 110, but can’t play the tune at 115. I could imagine a check-box that would allow me to choose “select fine tempos” then I would be able to choose 111, 112, 113, & 114. Have you looked at this possibility before? I am hoping it would not require changing the resolution/clock cycles/etc. (I’m not a programmer) of the entire app.

Again, thanks for all you have done and are doing!


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I just click on the beats to manually adjust the tempo to any speed needed.


Why didn’t I think of that? Thx!

In addition to entering in the tempo manually as John suggested (thanks John!), there are a couple more ways to fine-tune the tempo:

  1. Hold down the Shift key as you click the + and – buttons; that will make the adjustment go by 1 BPM at a time instead of 5.

  2. Press the + or – keys on your keyboard, which go by 1 BPM.

Also be sure to check out the Auto-Speedup feature for when you’d like to have the song incrementally speed itself up over time automatically.

Thanks for your note and I’m glad you’ve been getting so much good use out of it!

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