Improved Auto-Finish/Auto-Speedup status display [Available]

Rolled out a small update to the beta site that improves (I think) the status display of the Auto-Finish and Auto-Speedup tools, and adds a couple new bits of interactivity.

When Auto-Finish is set to more than one rep, they are shown visually (animation below is sped up):

These little rep indicators are clickable, so for example you can quickly skip to the last rep by clicking the last little bubble:


If you use the “speed up every X reps” feature of Auto-Speedup, there’s a new visual indicator of which rep in the set you’re on:


Finally, I intended to make section rep markers clickable, so you can start a section at, say, the second rep by clicking on it:


Unfortunately it looks this isn’t working as of May 25, but I will figure out why and fix it when I get a chance.

Check it out in the beta site and let me know if you have any feedback!

P.S. – These are the future Auto-Speedup / Auto-Finish upgrades I’m considering:

  • Auto-Speedup: an option to reset the BPM to the starting speed when the song is over. (The best workaround right now is to type your starting BPM into the Notepad. It will be turned into a clickable shortcut to return to that BPM.)

  • Auto-Speedup: an option for ½ BPM increments.

  • Auto-Finish: a way to have a keyboard shortcut (say, the spacebar) which will make the song end itself at the end of the currently-played rep.

  • Auto-Finish: a way to temporarily set a default rep count for all songs. (Not at all sure how I’ll do this.)

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