Mirror Image?

Hi Luke,
Thanks for your recent video update and introduction. I notice that the video is a mirror image. Why is that?
David Bargainnier

Hey David,

Are you talking about my most recent video where I introduced Tyler? I’m surprised that you noticed since I wasn’t playing an instrument and there was no written text in view of the camera! You’re right, though, the image was mirrored, which was a side-effect of how I captured the footage (iPhone functioning as a webcam with the Continuity feature). I only now realized that the last video I put out (where I was playing an instrument) was also mirrored. Ha!

I will do my best to stick to non-mirrored videos in the future, especially when instruments are involved. Thanks for pointing this out!

Hi Luke,
Yes, that is correct. Thank you for your quick reply! I had an immediate disconcerting visceral response when I started watching it. Further investigation revealed things that could be; but not likely, especially, all at once: your wedding ring is on your right hand, and the guitar and mandolin on the wall are strung backwards. Then later, when I saw you playing your fiddle, it kind of cinched the deal.

It is interesting how different folks’ brains work. For instants, you are brilliant! Me, not so much. But, I try to do the best with what I have. It is all I can do, to just try to appreciate what the few people in the world like you can do.

I am glad that you and now your new hired associate are so young. I plan to subscribe to your StrumMachine creation for my life-time, which unfortunately will not be as long as yours. Most recently, I have started to teach a short class occasionally, on ‘how to improv’ at Folk Music College here in central PA. I highly recommend your StrumMachine to those in attendance. I learned about StrumMachine myself as a member of Rob Ickes’ and Craig Spinney’s ‘Rob’s Reso Room’ on BigMusicTent.com.

Thank you so much for your efforts! Amazing!
David Bargainnier
Reedsville, PA