Use of foot page turner to control Auto Finish

One important aspect of jamming with others is to be able to signal when to end the tune. Usually, whoever called the tune gets to signal the finish by kicking his or her foot up in the air. I want to be able to use my Bluetooth page turner to tell my iPad to turn on Auto Finish. I can control starting and stopping by programming the Bluetooth food switch (Boss FS-1-WL) to send an “Enter” command. What is the keyboard shortcut to signal the app to Auto Finish?

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There’s currently no way to signal “last time!” to Auto-Finish, but this is something I’ve wanted in Strum Machine for YEARS (probably at least 5 years). I feel like I would use it all the time.

The fact that I have not yet been able to implement this feature is personally frustrating, and tells you something about the realities of software development!

Tyler and I have been talking about tackling customizable keyboard shortcuts soon, and it would make sense to include this as one of those shortcuts, so hopefully 2024 is the year we finally get a “virtual foot raise” keyboard shortcut…

Hi, guys! I am really keen on the idea of controlling the app with a foot pedal. I have a Boss Bluetooth pedal (FS-1-WL) that can be programmed to translate a button press into any sequence of characters. I’d love to be able to start SM with it, but most importantly, to be able to tell it when the last pass is.