6/8 time in strum machine

I"m going to input a backup for a tune in 6/8 time. Should there be 3 of each chord in a measure or 2?
for example, the first measure says “A” so should there be 3 A’s?
another measure goes from D to E, so i’m at a loss on how to code this.


6/8 time is almost always (as far as I’m aware) played in groups of three eighth notes (123 456) as opposed to pairs of eighth notes (12 34 56). If there’s a chord change, it will generally be either at the start of the measure or halfway through, so 6/8 measures in Strum Machine are split in two. Therefore, a single measure of “A” would show two "A"s for each half of the measure.

Are measures ever split into three chords? Yes. It’s not common, but I hear it sometimes in guitar accompaniment, usually as a way to spice up the “regular” chord progression. It has a syncopated sound to me. Strum Machine can’t currently do this in 6/8 time, but someday

Replacing (123 456) with (12 34 56) is, I believe, what is called “Hemiola” in English and “Sesquialtera” in Spanish. It is often used at the end of a phrase in classical music, especially vocal music, and is very common in Latin American music, where it gives a very characteristic sound. You can hear it in this wonderful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fcyinpsd8Q and it is discussed in Hemiola - Wikipedia.

It would be wonderful for Strum Machine to have this capability!

oh yeah, that’s really fun music and it does answer my question, thanks!