Add to Android Notification Pulldown

Not sure if this will work in your framework, but you’ve surprised me in the past. On Android, when you swipe from the top you get the notification list. At the top of the list is the current audio with some basic controls - pause, next, etc. On the latest build you can even scroll to other recently active sources. NPR → Tidal → Libby for example. It would be great to have Strum Machine in there as well.

Why? I can be reading lyrics on one app and pause Strum Machine playback quickly since I dont have to change apps.

I’m on Android, and was trying to understand your post…
I can hit the bottom left button and switch to lyrics - or back to SM. Does this not achieve your goal?

I believe Lindsay is talking about integrating with Android’s “Media Controls” UI, as seen in this blog article. This is not trivial to implement (I’ve looked into it before) but it’s on my list of things to explore in the future!