Adding unusual chords

Hi, Is it possible to add a chord like Bm7b5 ?
Is there a list of possible chords available ?
Sorry, I’m a newbie so I’m probably asking a question which has been covered already but I found nothing in the search.
Ljepi pozdrav

Hi Paul,

If you open the Chords menu at the bottom-left corner of the editing screen, then click “see more types” (if you haven’t before), you’ll see all of the chords available:

For m7b5 specifically, you’ll want to click that “ø” symbol, which is the symbol for a half-diminished chord (which is what m7b5 is also called).

There are also keyboard shortcuts available for each chord; click the “Shortcuts” button in the editor to see a list of these.

More chords will be available in the future. If there’s a specific chord you’re looking for that Strum Machine isn’t yet able to reproduce, let me know!

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Sometimes you can build a chord an alternate way. Your Bm7b5 is BDFA. DFA is Dm. You could have Dm with a slash chord, i.e. B in the bass, Dm/B.


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