Airplay from iPad to Mac?

It would be really handy to get my ipad to play through my stereo speakers that are hooked up to my main computer, which is a short ways from where we play. I’m stumped, or maybe it can’t be done. I see I can “airdrop” a file from Strum Machine but not a way to send direct audio.

The best you can do is use Screen Mirroring from your iPad to your Mac. It’ll take over your Mac’s screen, but the audio will be transmitted as well, so it will work. I do this myself.

Standard AirPlay audio doesn’t work for Strum Machine because it requires static audio or video files for streaming, while Strum Machine generates everything in real time. But Screen Mirroring is a decent workaround.

Thanks, Luke. I haven’t quite figured Screen Mirroring out but will give it a try. Doesn’t matter what the Mac’s screen is doing so sounds like what I’m after.

Well, if the speakers have separate wires, you could just buy a split headphone jack for the iPad:
Otherwise, if the two speakers connect into one plug, plug that right into your iPad.

Ipad is separated from my mac in another room so trying to connect with “airplay” rather than wires. When I go through the process of connecting then the Strum Machine comes up on the mac screen, but I still can’t get sound out of the mac… Missing something… not sure if Strum Machine on mac screen is supposed to be playing, or just sound but get neither.

OK. Seem to have it now. Seems a little confusing trying to follow directions online but finally found where to choose sound to go from ipad in a control area I never otherwise use - swipe down from upper left. Link with passcode numbers you’re provided.

Yup, you have to go to the sound control panel to choose the speakers as the output for sound other than the iPad default speakers. So many little things.