All Of Me on dobro with SM

Giving my all on “All Of Me”. Back up arrangement was already in library ,


I’m getting an error from YouTube.

Thanks Joseph. I fixed it.

That was fun. Thanks for posting.

Very nice. I like your arrangement.

Thank you Tim. I appreciate you taking the time to listen. A little rough here and there but I didn’t have all day! :smile:

Real nice, Brian. I like the break after you sing the first verse. I liked what you did when you started moving away from using so many double stops — but the harmonized playing is great and sounds very in tune. This kind of material is so much fun on dobro and your video here is motivating me to try some more. Also appreciated your steady back-up work while singing!

Thanks Pablo. It’s not a perfect performance, but that’s not really what my goal was. I just wanted to get it done and not get hung up on mistakes which is my problem with recording. I end up walking away discouraged many times. So mission accomplished.

I see you’re a dobroist by your avatar/icon. I appreciate your observations. Keep pickin’!