App “drawing a blank”

Luke, as I’m sure you will probably be aware, for the last two weeks the SM App has been “off air” on my iPad. I assume this is due to the last Apple upgrade as you previously explained…?
It still functions well via Safari or Google.

I had this happen on my iphone 13 v15.2.1 the other day. Had to restart to get it to load. Just now tried it again same thing. white screen, loads after restarting the phone.

Yes, this has been happening for months now. Many other developers have experienced the same issue with their apps, and nobody can figure out why. It is immensely frustrating to me that I cannot do anything about it. :confused:

Note that in most cases you don’t need to restart your device to get things working again. Just restart the app, using these instructions. Much quicker and easier that way.

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Strangely it seems to be loading fine now.

Yes, “swiping up and pausing” seems to work on my iPad.
Thank you Luke for this temporary “hi-tech” solution…!! :wink:

Sorry to dredge up old issues but I’m seeing this problem on my ipad mini 2 IOS 12.5.7. It has 32GB storage and 3.25 GB available. I deleted and re-downloaded the App and it still happens. thoughts? time to upgrade?

Yesterday’s updated version unintentionally included a library that was incompatible with iOS 12. I’ve fixed the website (which will now work in Safari on iOS 12 devices again) and the app will be updated as soon as Apple approves the new release, probably within 24 hours.

Maintaining support for iOS 12 is tricky because it’s hard to predict when an update will break it. I did buy a used iPad Air with iOS 12 for testing, and what I should probably do is test it on that every time I release an update.

(Side note: the “white screen” issue talked about above is actually a different issue which affected all iOS versions, and which thankfully was fixed last year and has yet to return.)


Thanks much Luke. I’d be happy to do a quick test on IOS 12 when it is on the beta site.

Actually, you want to test it on iOS as you’re going along because you never know what kind of Safari bug will rear its head. You can’t just assume that because something works in Chrome it’s gonna be fine in Safari.

I’m always testing it on my iPhone/iPad, but they’re on current iOS versions. The problematic version is iOS 12, which is going on 5 years old and only affects a few devices including the original iPad Air from 2013. Yes, I’m doing my best to maintain support for devices that are ~10 years old. :blush:

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Thanks much Luke. I appreciate it. Version 381 seems to have fixed this on my iOS 12 ipad mini.