This might be something to consider for the roadmap? I’ve been building out songs and something I’ve noticed is there isn’t really a way to construct an entire arrangement without duplicating various sections over and over for linear playback. I would suggest an arrangement builder feature. This could allow for building a playback stack of sections, I.E. (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse (2x), Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Outro), which references the sections as it processes the stack. This would allow for a performance of an entire song without having to duplicate sections in the chart. The song chart would just contain the sections (i.e. Intro, Verse, Chorus, and Outro), while the arrangement builder would handle the playback order and any repeats while referencing the sections. It would also be amazing if the arrangement could be included in the chart print out, maybe below the title somewhere? I like to use a shorthand for that to keep it condensed. (In, Vs, Ch, Vs*2, Ch, Vs, Ch, Out). That would be super useful when printing out charts for reference during performance.

That’s actually how TableEdit works. They provide a feature called Reading List where you an indicate how to play through the measures. Say, for example, you want to play AA BB AA BB CC and loop back around. With StrumMachine that’s a lot of duplication. But with TablEdit you just tab out A B and C and then in the reading list you put in to play AA BB AA BB CC. Having that as an advanced feature would be nice in StrumMachine to be able to simplify tunes.


Yes, this has been on my wish list too, for a long time! It’s a “for sure”, just a matter of getting around to it.

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Yes. I think this feature would be super beneficial to anyone using strum machine as a rehearsal tool, and it would even make it more ideal for folks that want to stretch its use for live performance accompaniment. It’s really close to being excellent for those purposes and this seems to be the main hurdle toward getting it to that point. Just my opinion after having used it extensively for a few weeks now! Thanks for all the hard work you’re continuing to put into it. :slight_smile: