Auto-Speedup feedback

Hi Luke -

Here is some feedback about the Auto-Speedup feature:

Let’s say I start with 90BPM, and select plus 5BPM for the auto speed up and 3 repetitions.

Now, the first time my song plays at 90BPM, the second time at 95 BPM and the 3rd time at 100BPM. So far so good. But when I start it again, the song now starts at 100BPM. Shouldn’t it start at the initial setting, that is 90BPM?

Is it a bug or a feature? :wink:


Not exactly a bug or a feature… just the “naive implementation”. :wink:

The idea of resetting the tempo has come up before. I wrote about it recently in a thread about Auto-Tools improvements I’m working on:

Coincidentally, I had some middle-of-the-night ideas about how to make this work, even before I saw that you’d posted this. So I’m going to try and see if I can get this going in the beta soon, hopefully in the next few days.

Update: I whipped together an implementation of this and put it up on the beta site. Enable it through the Advanced Settings pane (top-left menu):

Once enabled, the tempo should be restored to the starting tempo when the song is stopped. Let me know if you notice any odd behavior when it’s turned on! (Also let me know if you think of a better name for this setting!)

Hey Luke -

That particular option does not show up in my Advanced Settings: I only see the “List navigation on song pages” option.
I use version 336.1. Do I need to update something? If so, how?


Update - I reread your post and saw that it is only on the beta site. Anyway, I tested it from the beta site but it does not seem to work: After playing the song the speed defaults to the last speed used and not to the initial speed.

I found a small bug that may have caused it not to work for you. Please try again, and if it still doesn’t work with the latest version (v339.5), let me know and also post a link to the song that it’s not working on, if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks!

Hi Luke - it works with 339.5! It would be great to have it pushed out to the General Release.


Great! I’m going to wait a few more days to see if any more bugs get reported, then hopefully update the main app sometime next week… and update the beta version with the next improvement(s) I’m working on!

Hey Luke,

The auto speed up reset works perfectly in the new release. good work!

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