Band Settings 2.0 officially released! 🎉

Hey everyone,

Today, the main Strum Machine website and apps got an update that we’ve been working on for months: Band Settings 2.0. It’s mostly an update to the guitar, with many new strumming pattern customization options, automatic bass runs and leading notes, and much more.

For details on what’s new in this release, check out the release notes. Or, better yet, watch this quick video tour of the update:

Video chapters and timestamps

• 0:26 How to get to the new band settings menu.
• 0:50 Opening the guitar settings, where most of the new changes are incorporated.
• 0:57 Strumming pattern selection (built-in styles)
• 1:50 Customizing the strumming pattern further
• 3:02 An introduction to the new bass runs feature.
• 3:37 Changes to volume and pan settings.
• 4:45 How to save your customized settings as a preset for use in other songs.
• 5:58 Some quick thank-you’s
• 6:25 Addressing recent issues with iOS 17 and Safari.
• 7:41 Wrapping up and signing off

Toward the end of the video, I mention that there’s a new downloadable/installable Strum Machine app for Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can download the desktop app here. (The Safari web browser has had buggy audio playback lately; those affected should find this app fixes those issues.)

Don’t hesitate to send in your questions, issues, or feedback about this update… or anything else for that matter.

I hope you enjoy exploring the new band settings menu and I look forward to bringing you more updates in 2024!


Wow! Big surprise. I wasn’t expecting this until January/February. Been using the desktop app on my Mac. I keep getting Lucy in the Chocolate Factory complaints. Dug into your app resources. Surprise! Chromium-based. Well, but that explains the memory issue. Chrome on Mac is notorious for being a memory hog. For that reason I never use Chrome on my Mac. Instead I use Microsoft Edge, which uses Chromium but has better memory management than Chrome proper.

Thanks for all you and your team do Luke.

Its an awesome system that keeps getting better.


Thanks @MichaelU!

@RobertBiggs Yeah, Chromium (i.e., Electron) is really my only option for the downloadable app, since the Safari browser engine (which is what I’d get if I used Tauri) is buggy when it comes to the Web Audio API (that’s what finally pushed me over the line to building a desktop app in the first place) and Firefox doesn’t have an equivilant method of distributing apps. That said, I’m surprised to hear you’re getting Lucy in the Chocolate Factory messages in the app but not in Edge. Are you hearing any audio glitches or just seeing the message? There may be room for improvement in the algorithm that determines when that message is shown…

Congratulations on the new release, Luke! Can’t wait to check out the new features. Thanks for the video and all of your dedication and hard work in making Strum Machines better for all of us.

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Hey Luke,

Day 1 of my subscription after the month free trial, hour 1 actually (that’s a huge free trial by the way, and definitely gave me plenty of time to realise how much I need StrumMachine in my life!).

I’ve been loving even just the Beta version and found zero issues with it, even on my iPad Pro 4th Gen running iOS 17 funnily enough (not downloaded anything different but I do access StrumMachine through Google (which might be worth knowing on your end? Not sure but thought I’d add that in).

So, subscription hour 1, Day 1, and at a young 51 years old I can’t EVER see a time, until the Reaper Man comes a-knockin’, that I WON’T need and want StrumMachine. Especially now that it’s even more customisable, and usable in every scenario that I could need it for!

Yep, huge fan here. Now, granted I’m not a “healthy” young 51 year old by any stretch of the imagination, considering I’m bed bound and a full time wheelchair user if I have to go into hospital (again!!) So, whilst I don’t think I’ll need it after the Reaper Man finds out wherein I abide (unless you plan on expanding your service into the Afterlife?), I’m just going to have to spread the word about StrumMachine in my little corner of northeastern Scotland, “On the Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of the North Sea” and get more subscribers life’ing with your good self when I’m finally no more strumming!!

Keep up the great work, stay awesome, and stay primal.


P.S. When it’s time to do some updates on the styles available (not now obviously, with the hard work this update is bound to have taken), if you can find, or add, or know something for backing a good ol’ Pre War Delta Blues? I may then actually HAVE to look into resurrection from my untimely grave every now and then, just to come pickin’ and grinnin’ some more on the awesomeness that is StrumMachine!!

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Great work Luke.
You’ve done a fine job, and the video is most helpful.
My needs are fairly basic, but nevertheless you are to be commended in creating all these little nuances that make it a great app to use.
Thank you.

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Congratulations Luke and Tyler, on this big release!

I confess I’m somewhat spoiled, having been able to use the beta up to now, that already had (most of?) this functionality on board, but it’s really great that it has now made its way into stable! Thanks so much for your hard work and happy holidays to you all!!!


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This is such an awesome update! I’m a long-time user hoping for some way to export an MP3. Also, what is the little graphic above your head in the video?

Great work,


Band Settings 2.0 is excellent! I’m really enjoying the “tons” of guitar bass runs…I’m hoping that the next Band Settings release includes some way to incorporate some of the common variations of the “G-run” at the end of vocal or instrumental measures…Lester Flatt started it, many guitarists have variations of it, and it is a quintessential element in the bluegrass sound!

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  1. G-runs are on my list of things to (hopefully) add in the future, although there are quite a few things higher on the priority list.

  2. Here’s how to make MP3s from Strum Machine tracks.

  3. Regarding the “little graphic” above my head, I’m guessing you’re referring to my “jellyfish” (air plant in an urchin shell):

    I have been advised that this object is distracting and should not be in the background of future videos. :joy: