Band Settings 2.0

Thank you Luke and Tyler for a fabulous job on BS2.0.
I’ve just started using the “OldTime” setting and the walking bass runs are superb.
It’s such an adaptable style, that I’ve even used it on Celtic tunes.
I use an iPad, and have found no difficulties with Apple 16.7.2.
I’ve download the SM App direct to my Windows Desktop and find that very quick and useful.
For the BG/OT tunes, have you any thoughts on putting a “discreet” Scruggs banjo or even “clawhammer”, as a background instrument.?
Final question: How many SM subscribers do you have now.?
Cheers, and again thank you.


Happy to hear you’re enjoying the new band features!

Someday I would definitely love to add a banjo instrument (both bluegrass and clawhammer styles) to the mix. I imagine it won’t be a very simple thing to implement but I look forward to tackling it someday.

Strum Machine keeps growing slowly but surely. I’ll be entering my eighth year of working on it soon and I expect that in 2024 we’ll exceed 10,000 (!) active users. I feel very grateful to have built something that so many people are using!


Wow…!! 10,000. That’s great. Well done.
It is an excellent app.

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