Bela Fleck’s Natchez Trace

Hey guys, thought I’d start a thread for any songs you’ve made in strum machine that are on the more progressive side. I haven’t had much time lately to work on this and I’m new to strum machine kind of, but I did get Bela Fleck’s Natchez Trace into strum machine and I believe it to be accurate! I’ll share it below!

Edit: changed title to reflect song name, per discussion below. —Luke


Thanks Jared! I’m wondering out loud if it’d be better to have a thread where folks are sharing related songs (e.g. progressive bluegrass songs) or to have people post a new thread/topic for each song (or list) they’re sharing, so that the links are always in the first post? I’m kind of leaning toward the second but I’m not sure…

I wasn’t sure either! I didn’t know if you wanted to do master threads with an index or whatnot. Your forum software isn’t something I’m very familiar with, so whatever you think is best!

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I think I am going to encourage posting individual songs with the song title as the thread title (to find them easily). For song lists, I’m not so sure what to do but I made a separate category for those.

I am working on some of the DRIVE tunes also (curr. Slipstream) for use with Strummachine, I’ll post when done!