Beta “Sectional” band setting

Luke, I’ve been using the beta version for awhile now and use it primarily for backing tracks playing live.

It would be real cool to be able to allow all the adjustments currently available in the Band Settings menu, to be also available inside of each section of the song. Perhaps keep the global setting feature as it is now and allow for changes in each section?

This would allow a song to build by adding instruments as it progresses, change a strum pattern in the chorus, drop out instruments for a reprise or solo and this type of thing.

I’m sure it’s come to your mind and attention before! Congrats on an elegant and powerful app. I really like the beta version.

-Brian McGaughey

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I agree completely with Brian! I do as much of that stuff with my backup tracks as I can.

I’m planning to tackle this in the future!

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One thing I’d like to see, and I’m sure others, is a way to slow down the outro to end a song, especially after speeding up :face_with_spiral_eyes: I’d expect that there would be two options, a gradual slowdown from the current speed to the target. or a designated rest of the users choose before starting the outro and the slower speed.

Yup, ending slowdowns have been requested before and while it won’t be an easy feature to implement I do plan to tackle it someday in the future.