Bluetooth Count-In Lag

I strongly suspect this isn’t a Strum Machine flaw, but maybe someone knows a fix. I use a wireless Bose speaker linked to my iPad. Whenever I start a Strum Machine tune I won’t hear the count-in until about the second beat. If I right away stop and restart the tune it will count in preperly. But it’s an annoying hassle. Also, if I stop Strum Machine and don’t restart within a few seconds the connection lags again.

It’s the speaker going into “standby mode” and taking awhile to wake up from it. I actually added a small sound followed by a pause to the beginning of playback in the iOS app version in order to “prime” the speaker for playback as needed, but it sounds like your speaker takes an unusually long time to wake up. Someday I’ll have a preference that you can set to accommodate such devices…

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Brian, I have the same set-up for practice via an iPad.
I have a one Sony SRS-XB23 speaker attached.
Fortunately, I don’t experience the problems you are.
(For your information. I’m not try to be a “smart-arse”).
Cheers. :wink:

Would the 2x count in feature help with this issue?

Would the 2x count in feature help with this issue?

Yes, enabling “Double-length count-in” would help… with the only downside being that count-ins will take twice as long, which may or may not be a bigger annoyance.

I have a Sony SRS-XB23 speaker [and] I don’t experience the problems you have.

For some reason, it tends to be Bose brand speakers that are most prone to this issue, based on feedback I’ve received. It’s a shame because it’s such a reputable brand…

My Ultimate Ears Boom speakers often have a hiccup that wipes out the one in the count in. Noticeable but has not yet been an issue.

I actually wouldn’t be too bothered by it since I’m close to the machine and can see the count in, but I always stop and restart because other players are only listening and think the 2nd beat is the 1st. Glad to know it’s a known issue with Bose and not just me. I love the Bose speaker otherwise.

I think you have a spoken count-in I could try so people could hear it start on the “2”, but I do prefer the dampened strum which is otherwise less annoying to me.

Thanks everybody!