Built in Tuner

Suggested feature: built in tuner (tone generator)

It would be great to login, get tuned up really quickly, and get to playing! I’m still on my trial period, but I’m enjoying your product!


It’s just easier to use a free tuner on your phone, or use a dedicated physical tuner attached to your instrument.


Not always for me. I don’t walk around my home with my phone on me, nor do I keep a physical tuner on my instrument.

A tuner or tone generator is on my to-do list! It’s pretty low priority because most people use a separate tuner (and I have a lot of other improvements I’m planning), but I’ll probably add it someday because it’d be handy.

Personally I like the Planet Waves Headstock Tuner because it’s always there when I need it. (Although I use my phone too because it’s hard to beat for accuracy.)

Thanks for the suggestion! Glad you’re enjoying Strum Machine so far.


Robert, which phone tuner app would you recommend?

Well, I have an iPhone, iPad. So, after trying about a dozen digital tuners and a half dozen clip-on tuners I’ve settled on insTuner. Costs about $4, but it’s more accurate than anything I’ve tried so far. Even better than the clip ons. And you can just have it generate a tone if that’s all you want.