Can't download app to Mac laptop

Hi all,

I used to have the app on my MacBook, but it wouldn’t open today, so I thought I’d uninstall/ reinstall to see if that helped.
But, I couldn’t download the app from the Mac store – is the app no longer usable on computers, only for ipads & phones?


Jan H.

I think I figured it out, I needed to download it via Chrome, and now can access it without being online. :slight_smile:
Back to pickin’!

There you go! In theory you can access it online with Safari, but Apple changed things in Safari 13 to where it will sometimes delete cached data if you don’t visit a website in a week or so. Chrome is a much more reliable way to access Strum Machine offline on a laptop. (The App Store app is only for iPads, iPhones, and the new M1 Macs.)

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