Capo feature

Hi Luke - First, great job with Strum Machine! It’s a very well-built piece of software and the features are excellent, as is the straightforward and intuitive user interface.
I’d like to see a feature where I can select a capo position, then be able to turn it on and off. In my jam group, some like to play a song straight up, and some like to capo for easier chords. OnSong has a feature that is great for allowing you to designate a capo position (really just a shortcut for changing key), then you can turn it off if you want to play the native key chords. Keep up the good work!

I believe what you want to have is already available in Strum Machine – the Capoed Chords feature:

You can use it to, as an example, hear chords in the key of D but see them in the key of C, as if you had your capo on the second fret.

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Welp, next time I’ll try looking in the Help section before suggesting a feature that’s already in the app… :slight_smile:

Thanks again for a great tool!