Capoed Medley?

I just tried the medley feature for the first time. Even though the component tunes are capoed, the medley is not, and there doesn’t seem to be a capo option for the medley.

That’s correct, the capoed chords feature is unavailable on medleys. It may be added in the future. My thinking at this point is to add the “Capoed Chords” option to the key switcher of each song, just as it is in the key switcher of non-medley songs. You’d have to set the capo for each song separately, but on the flip side you’d have the option to do mid-song capo changes as I’ve seen some guitarists do…

The two, component “songs” are capoed at 2nd fret (A), but they come through in G in the medley.

When you add a song to a medley, Strum Machine sets the initial key to what it is in the song (ignoring the capo), but after the medley is created then changing the song preferences has no effect on the medley (by design).