Celtic Favourite Tune List

Here’s a few tunes I practice and play on a regular basis.
I hope they’re of interest to other users.
There’s probably a few “tweaks” necessary as time goes by.


Thanks, lots of awesome tunes there!

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I’m pleased they are of interest to you Ellie.
I’ve put together a few sets on the Beta version.
I’ve found SM extremely good for correcting my timing.

Thank you, John!

Anna Roncevic

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A nice collection!! Thanks so much.
Any idea how to get either guitar tab or conventional notation of the melody line. I’m new enough to Celtic, that they merge in my memory, and come out all wrong sometimes :slight_smile: even with the help of rythm & backing from Strum Machine.
Pete A

Hello Pete.

I’m afraid I don’t really use tab.

I play fiddle and mandolin and prefer notation or learning “by ear”.

  1. The Session (Traditional Irish tunes on The Session) is a good place to start to listen to tunes.

There is notation, but no chords. A lot of very informative and helpful people on that site.

  1. Vashon Celtic Tunes (Vashon Celtic Tunes) is another good site for chords to Celtic tunes.

  2. Irish Tune Info (https://www.irishtune.info/) has notation and links.

  3. Fiddle Castro on YouTube has a lot of tunes (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNspLlVOtfgAmD8N4QgnDhw/videos).

  4. Try Tony O’Rourke (https://tonyorourke.net/). I know and play with Tony at sessions here in Australia.

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Irish music and plays a mean guitar and banjo. He has lots of notation and maybe tab.

Anyway, there’s some info to get you started.

I’ve been playing for many years and use SM for improving my timing.

I’m only a new SM user, but you have to have patience and experiment with the chord settings and bpm to get something you like and can play along with…!!



Thanks, John. What a detailed and thoughtful answer. I will pass on to my other Celtic player friends!
I really was looking for melody line notation. Chords usually aren’t hard to figure out, but my old brain likes to fill in parts (that I can’t remember) with (wrong) parts from other songs. Especially when pushed to keep timing (e.g., Strum Machine!) Sight reading melody line helps me avoid this pit.
Pete A