Celtic jig ending

Hi Luke,
Do you still plan to add an ending to the Celtic Jig? That would be so very nice :slight_smile:


Yes!!! I’m embarrassed, and as I seem to practice not TDD or BDD but EDD (Embarrassment Driven Development… programming humor) I will be getting to this before too long. I took a stab at this a few months ago but implementing it was surprisingly a huge challenge that didn’t make sense to take on at the time. But we’ll get there. I’m laying some groundwork for some fun customization options for the Celtic strumming style as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

O no, please don’t be embarrassed Luke and steer clear of the EDD, especially not on my account :joy: I’m totally in awe of what you have done with the app so far, and looking forward to what other gems await us up the road! Looking forward to the Celtic customizations!