Changing the rythym within a tune

Two tunes come to mind:
“Mouth of the Tobique” (C Part) and “Frank’s Reel” (B Part).
Is it possible to change the rythym within these particular parts to a syncopated rythym, and then revert back to the “Boom-Chucka-Boom” strumming…?
Currently I just blast through them, but it doesn’t sound right.
Any advice requested.

This isn’t yet possible, but it’s definitely coming in the future, hopefully sometime this year!


Thanks Luke.
It’s a “nice to have” rather than an important mod.

John, a workaround is to break that tune into two separate graphs and combine them as a medley. You can then adjust whatever you want on the individual parts of a medley, including band setting, volume, timing, tempo, key, etc.

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Hi, I use the “guitar - Celtic reel backup” and “feet” for Frank’s Reel and I think it sounds great. Maybe give it a try!

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Thank you Robert and Kate for this advice.