Chrome's "no longer supported" message

Some of you may have recently opened up Strum Machine in Google Chrome, only to be shown this message:

“Strum Machine” is no longer supported
Old versions of Chrome apps won’t open on Windows devices after December 2022. You can check if there’s a new version available.

Now, here are the facts:

  • Google Chrome does still support Strum Machine, and will continue to do so. Nothing has changed there.

  • There is no “new version” available, because Strum Machine keeps itself up to date automatically.

What’s happened is that Google decided to stop supporting an older method of making “Chrome Apps” from websites, which Strum Machine used several years ago. (Google is very good at killing off its features. :roll_eyes:)

Luckily, this is a harmless message, and there’s an easy way to get rid of it.

The Solution

Here’s how to get rid of this message:

  1. Remove the old app from Google Chrome. Everything is stored in the cloud, so you won’t lose any data.

  2. Create a new app/shortcut for Strum Machine using these instructions.

That second step is technically optional, as you can always access Strum Machine by going to, no installation required.

Hope that clears up any confusion, but let me know if you have any unanswered questions and I’ll update this post. Thanks!