Codas? How can I indicate “Skip this section and go to Outro?”

Is there a way to mark a section such that it goes to the coda (or Outro) the final time through?

My workaround has been to write out the chord charts for every section a whole second time, substituting the Outro/coda the final time through. But this means that I cannot loop the tune to play as many times as I like before heading to the Outro/coda.

The song format is:
AA BB CC D D-da capo
AA BB CC D D-fin

I need to learn the tune correctly so that I can automate the fills, runs, and position shifts. Being able to control the roadmap of the tune would be a huge help.

My other workaround is to notate the tune in notation software, but then I can’t utilize the lovely simplicity of Strum Machine. I love being able to see the chord changes made by my Robot Backup Band.

You can make a section an “outro” with the three-dots menu in the section heading in edit mode. That will make it so that the section is only played if Auto-Finish is enabled and is on the last rep. This doesn’t handle all cases where a coda is used – I may add a true coda feature in the future. But hopefully that helps in the meantime.

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