Collapse/expand all lists

Is there a way to collapse and expand all lists on the main screen with one click or keyboard shortcut? My list of lists is growing and being able to do this would allow me to quickly find a list without having to scroll past all of the songs under each list.

If this isn’t already a feature, would it be possible to add it in the future?

Thanks for all you do, Luke!


Great idea! I could see that coming in handy. I have about two dozen lists and I try to keep them collapsed when I’m not actively using them, but I’m not so diligent in practice so it’d be nice to have a quick shortcut for that.

What keyboard shortcut(s) would make the most sense to you? Put another way, if you were to try a couple shortcuts to see if they did the trick, what would you try?

(I’ll probably end up adding a button you can click as well, but I wanted to get your hot take on the keyboard shortcut right off the bat.)

Being able to put lists into categories/groups, which could themselves be collapsed, is another feature request that could help here. (Discussed in this thread.)

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Luke, the lists are alphabetical. Could we reorder so I could put my most used lists at the top?


I suppose something like Alt-E and Alt-C would make sense, if they’re not already assigned to another function. (I’m on Windows.) Or just + and - ?

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You can drag lists around to reorder…in the mobile app, anyway. Also, I start the names of my most frequently used lists with an underscore to make it sort them at the top.

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That’s interesting that you can do that on the app. I’m there now using iOS on iPad. I can grab a list, the title goes into a bubble, but it won’t do anything beyond that.

I think Diane is talking about changing the order of songs within a list by dragging (which you can do on all platforms, through the three-dots menu > Reorder), while John is talking about changing the order of the lists themselves.

I plan to make it so you can change the order of lists eventually. In the meantime, Diane’s solution of putting an underscore at the beginning of a list name to keep it at the top is a good workaround. Other symbols that will do the trick include a period, exclamation point, and (most fun) an emoji. :pushpin:

Oops, you’re right (of course you are…you’re the developer :wink: )! For some reason I thought it was the lists.

Maybe ctrl+[ for open and ctrl+] for close. There’s no alt key on a mac and ctrl+ is the first thing that occurs to me when I want to ‘do’ something.