Copy paste...reset song key...remote access for performance

Sorry if these have been covered…looked for them but not deeply.
1)…Id like to be able to copy and paste any amount of a section and paste it anywhere on the song…same section or any other one.

2)…Can you reset the key signature on a song so it doesn’t think you’re still working in the one you’ve decided to edit? Ive opened a song and completely changed to key…not on the dropdown…but the chord chart. When I go to change keys with the dropdown…it acts like im still in the original key. Am I missing something? A reset of the key without changing what ive edited would be great.

3)…Is there any way to remotely operate the functions…next song, start, stop etc…for performance purposes? Ot sounds great over my PA and a footswitchable option would be great.

Thanks! I simg praises about this app and recommend it everywhere i go!

Jim Jake

Hi Jim,

  1. When you are in the edit mode you can do all of that. At the bottom of the song, there is a button that says “Duplicate”, click on that and it will ask you what do you want to duplicate, select and then you will see the duplicated section with arrows on the top right. Those arrows allow you to move the duplicated section wherever you need it. To duplicate any part of a section, just highlight what needs to be duplicated then Ctrl+C (to copy) and Ctrl+V to paste where you need it to be. Delete the surplus.
    2)Hmm, I don’t quite understand your question, but one thing I noticed: if you play a song in the community library it reverts to the original key unless you edit it and make it your own. Your version will have a “mine” tag after the title.
    3)I use a Bluetooth foot switch and it works. It is your device that needs the Bluetooth option or a way to connect the footswitch to your device. Then you program the footswitch according to what you need it to do. I use a AirTurn BT500S-2 Controller Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner DAW MIDI App to stop/ start and use the SM auto-advance feature to move from song to song (create a list for this to work)

I hope this help a little.

I did finally see that i can copy and paste on my PC. Apparently not on phones…which is fine.

The 2nd one… when Edit a song into a new key manually or use an existing song as a template and change the chords…(without using dropdown menu) it doesnt recognize it is in another key and just shifts the key the proper amount of steps either up or down.

Thanks for your reply!


Mauro. When using the song advance feature and BT peddle, is it possible to have a song set with no definite amount of repetitions. Just a simple song , but I would have that same song with a glorified ending either as a b part or totally separate song

I want to play the first song 10 times repeating one night and then hit the next song button with blue tooth footswitch and have it move to the ending song to give solid ending . Next night I might want to play it 15 times. And then the ending

Im thinking a situation where we don’t know how many rounds it’s going to go but when we’re done we hit the button and it moves to the ending round. Is this possible?


Nice to see y’all helping each other! Thought I’d chime in with a few things:

Not yet. At some point I plan to add the ability to make a keyboard shortcut and/or footswitch command for telling Strum Machine to make this the last round and stop playing when it gets to the end of it. It’s something I’ve wanted myself for years. The fact that even I can’t get my own feature requests implemented should say something about the difficulty of app construction and development prioritization! :rofl: But I’m pretty sure we’ll finally have it sometime in 2024.

That’s interesting to hear, because Strum Machine is supposed to remember your key preference for all songs, even those that don’t “belong” to you. I just tested this myself with a random song shared on this forum and when I changed the key to B, closed it, and came back to it, the key was still B. If you can verify for me that custom keys are indeed not being persisted in your account, I will look into it further because that sounds like a bug.

It is not possible to redefine the key without transposing the chords in the chart. If you want to change the key, it’s recommended that you do this through the key button, not by editing the chord chart.

MarkIvan, as Luke says, this feature doesn’t exist yet. You can build a list though that allows you to repeat the song in any form for any number of times. Unfortunately, you will need to edit the list every time circumstances change.

Luke, you are (obviously) right. The key is remembered. I must have done something silly like forgetting to save the edits. Multiple times. :roll_eyes: Duh.