Count-in and Auto-Advance

I love the Auto-Advance feature of song lists. I’m currently working on a medley and that’s a really handy way to practice it. It would be great to have a setting to only count-in the first song so that I can smoothly move to the subsequent ones (when the same tempo). Today I either have to start the first song without a count-in or I get a break between the songs due to count-ins.

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So you want to have count-in only at the start of a medley? That’s already how they work. Or are you saying that you want the auto-advance of a play list to only have a count-in for the first song? Medleys already do that. Auto-advance is just for practicing, so the count in is there. If you want to play a number of tunes in consecutive order, then medleys is the way to go.

Yes, I’m saying that I’d like the count-in for only the first song when auto-advancing through a list of songs with the same tempo. When I tried this just last night it gave me a count-in for each tune in the list after auto-advance. Is there an additional medley feature that I’ve not discovered? If there’s a medley feature I’ve missed, then that may solve the same thing for me.

Hi Jeff,

Yes, there’s a whole “Medleys” feature that will work much better for you, I think!

Learn about medleys in Strum Machine here.

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Excellent! I didn’t discover this in my exploring the apps or docs, but it appears to do exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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