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Luke, I watch the requests get more and more specific for Strum Machine. Very personalized wants and desires. And I know you’re trying to please everyone. But don’t let it get so complicated that it’s hard to use. One of the wonderful things that made me love and depend on Strum Machine was it’s simplicity. Simplicity to make it easy for the majority of people was a big draw. Emphasis on majority… Just have been wanting to say that for some time now as I laugh at some of the requests.
Also, when I hit the pause now and then hit play again, the count in starts again. Didn’t used to. I like it better when it doesn’t count in on pause.
Many thanks, as always for your brilliant efforts.


I hear you on wanting to keep things simple, and I still have that as a top priority. Every potential feature is weighed against the impact it would have on the interface. I’ve held off on a lot of features because I haven’t figured out a way to incorporate them into the program without adding a lot of complexity.

The new “medleys” feature is a good example of what I’m aiming for in terms of big new features. That was a “big” feature, a real game-changer for a lot of folks, and the response has been really positive. But for those who aren’t interested in medleys, the only new part of the interface was one new button in the sidebar, easily ignored. That tradeoff seemed worth it to me.

The new list navigation bar was a more gray area. A lot of new interface elements that I’m sure some folks won’t be interested in. But again, the tradeoff seemed worth it, and so far, no complaints…

I would like to ask you: do you still feel like Strum Machine embodies the kind of simplicity that drew you to it in the first place? Do you feel like it’s become harder to use or more intimidating in any way? I really want to hear from you (or anyone else reading this!) if you’ve felt the product has been going in a direction you don’t like.

As for the pause/play thing, that was an inadvertent change. I’ll change it back in the next release. Thanks!


Strum Machine is still amazingly wonderful for me. I can still use it exactly like I always have. Like you said, I can ignore the things I don’t understand and certainly appreciate many of the new features. I just was worried you might get too overwhelmed and implode, leaving me Strum Machine-less. That would be devastating. Thanks, Luke, for all you do.


Phew! :sweat_smile: Glad to hear it. Not to worry… I’m not going anywhere. :grin:


I’m having an issue with the count-in that I just noticed today, wondering if when reverting it back to the no count-in on pause you inadvertently removed the count-in even after stopping. I think it used to be that if I hit stop and then clicked anywhere in the chord progression to start I would get a count-in. Today, the only way I can get a count-in is if I hit the play button. This means I can only count-in by starting at the beginning (which is where it automatically starts if you hit play) or by highlighting the section I want to start on and hitting play (which means I can only repeat the highlighted section and can’t keep circling the whole song). For example, if I stop in the B-part and want to start at the beginning of the B part it seems like the only way to do it with a count-in is to highlight the B part and hit play which means it never goes back to the A part. Thank you for all that you do with this great product!

Yes, it looks like I inadvertently created some new issues with the count-in. Oops! Sorry for letting this new bug slip through. I’m reverting the changes; fixed version should be up in about 15 minutes.


To answer your quesion above, for me, I still believe the simplicity and ease of using, editing, add to, and practicing with (or playing to my kids) is still key to the program.

The only thing I am stilling finding a challenge to me is the initial count is. I now am trying two beats with a diamond, and two “rest” for my count it depending on the timing of the song…


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Strum machine is still great but getting a bit foggy .

Michael, I would love to know more about what you mean by Strum Machine “getting a bit foggy”. You can also click my name above to send a private message if you prefer.

Tom, I would love to hear more about what you find challenging. Sounds like maybe you’re wanting to hear the sound of the full strummed chord and are using diamonds as a workaround for that?

Foggy might have been a bit ambiguous . There are new things going on and when I try to grasp some of the more intricate features my brain gets foggy.
In reality, I use the basic chord progressions and sometimes create my own for my practice backing tracks. I leave the heavy duty stuff to those who know music theory and how to apply it.
You have a great program— keep up the good work — btw- Merry Christmas

Thank you for elaborating. As long as you’re happy with the basics, I’m not worried. Most people aren’t going to use all of the features available, since everyone’s needs are different. Just as long as I’m not getting in anyone’s way, I’m happy. :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to you too!

Strum Machine is an excellent practice aid.
I struggled to get to grips with BIAB for years.
What you have created is easy to use, and more importantly sounds excellent for the purpose envisaged.
Within reason, please do not succumb to very personal and individual “this is what I would like” type requests.
That is going to make the app too complicated. As the saying goes, ‘if it works, don’t fix it’.
Again, my appreciation for your considerable efforts Luke.
Thank you.

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Not to worry. As I said above, my top priority remains to keep it simple and easy to use for all. Still many features I want to add (that are wanted by many including myself, not just one or two people) but I am going to be as unobtrusive as possible about such updates.


I find having pertinent functions in logical locations to be simple and easy while providing for the needs of many.

Not to be argumentative but I think the majority of users are quite computer literate with the use of easy selection list using common terms and supported by easily accessed help files.

For me I’m loving the options and improvements!

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