Counting to Begin a Song

Brand new to Strum Machine! Love it! Is there a setting for something like drumsticks to begin a song rather than a voice counting “1, 2, 3”? Thanks!

Sure, just open the side menu. Go down to Count-in Settings. Make sure you have Enable Count-ins selected. Make sure Spoken Content is turned off. Then go down a bit further and select Dampened Strum. That’s it.


What Robert said! Also I’m going to add a more simple “drumsticks” or “click” count-in someday, too.


That’s awesome! Robert helped me and I’m grateful! Absolutely thrilled I’ve found this app!

Hey, how about a Lawrence Whelk sort of count-in?
“A One, and-a Two, and-a-Three….”

Boring. How about: A onesie and a twosie skiddlie-doo bop bop.

That’s a whole tune, Robert! (I hope you know I was joking…)

O know. And I was obviously kidding too. :rofl: