COVID Lifesaver app

Just wanted to say I’d be locked up in an institution by now if it weren’t for Strum Machine. I’ve been “at home” since March 14, like a lot of people. So, no jamming. But SM has jammed with me, almost better than a jam - perfect speed, key, bass-guitar-mandolin. So, YEA Luke for your creation.


Courtney, what do you play?

I play the banjo - 2 1/2 years. The bluegrass on strum machine is great.

Hi, Courtney; Bart here, the top hat banjo guy. I’ve played for only a couple of years myself–since I retired from the schools (I was a high school English teacher).

I was a CPA - no music background at all. The only concert I ever saw was The Village People. So strum machine’s ability to create chord progressions, speed up tempo, change keys, change up instruments - amazing. I would have given up the banjo long ago without this app. And Luke, the creator, is so responsive to requests/problems.( I have a picture of Earl on my wall- he smiles when I use the app.)

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It’s essential for me too. I use it daily, often multiple times. I keep recommending it to all my musician friends.

I play fiddle, mandolin, (beginning) keyboards, and tenor guitar. I use it with all of them.

It’s also extremely useful for songwriting. I can try out different chord progressions, focus on singing w/o having to play at the same time, and see what key works best for my voice.

Seems how everybody’s at home because of this covid-19, I just wanted to mention that some friends of mine are doing jams using Gmail Meeting which is a new free function
if you have a Gmail account. You can add up to 100 people.
And of course Zoom is another way to hold jams with other people .
Cheers !
—Hartland Hootenanny !
Every Saturday evening 5pmPDT, 7pmcentrl, 8pmeastern
on the YouTubes is the Hartland Hootenanny & home square dance with Ketch Secor and guests. It’s a one-hour free program that is spontaneous unscripted fun goofy entertainment for us stuck-at-home- folks.
Check it out.

I have a picture of Earl on my wall as well! Wish I could play like he did!

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Yes, SM is a lifesaver! I have used it a couple years now. It is one of my top six most important applications these days! And based upon the hours per day each is typically used the hands-down most important software package is Strum Machine!

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