Daily recording practice

A small online community I’m part of is doing a daily art practice for the month of March, with the prompt being “squares”. Most people are doing visual art, but since I haven’t played for a square dance in over a year now and I’m out of practice, I thought I’d try playing square dance tunes more or less at speed for my contribution. I’m multi-tracking myself on fiddle over Strum Machine, and keeping it quick and simple; I don’t think any of these have taken more than an hour from start to finish, including deciding what to play and entering chords if there wasn’t already a chart.

It’s definitely been a useful project for me from a practice perspective; I’m really learning where I’ve been able to slack off when I’m in a band context and can rely on blending in with the others. So these’ll be a little rough, but I’m putting them out there anyway: https://www.elsewhere.org/journal/tag/squarch/ (“square” + “march” = “squarch”).

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