Deaden the strum

Love the Beta BTW.
Here is a suggestion.
The big booming sound of the guitar is great on some songs, but I’d like the option of say a “parlor guitar” sound once in a while. Or maybe a “dead strings” sound.
Seems like you would have to re record things. An EQ option might be good enough.

I was working on an EQ control awhile back. I ran into some roadblocks and stopped working on it, but I believe those have been overcome in the meantime (due to other changes that have been made) so it may yet be a possibility.

Recording a new guitar would be an enormous amount of work (and extremely tedious work at that) so I probably wouldn’t do that just to be able to have a parlor guitar or “dead strings” sound. I may do it at some point to have a totally different kind of guitar, like a classical guitar, an archtop, or a swing or “gypsy jazz” guitar. But that’s probably a ways down the line.

Glad you’re enjoying the beta!

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Yes the EQ option sounds a lot more practical.


You can just lower the volume of the guitar for those songs where you want the guitar to be quieter. In fact you could just make a custom preset with a quieter guitar that you can then use for whatever songs you want.

Thanks for your suggestion but volume is not really the issue.
There are a large variety of guitar tones and I’d like to be able to tweak those sounds.
Recording all those sounds would be quite a task and not practical so an EQ option would be OK.