Default key/tempo changing on shared songs [Fixed]

Once I chart out a tune and set the tempo and key, I sometimes slow the tempo to work out bowing or change the key to play in a different key. Then if I don’t set those back to the original tempo/key before sharing the tune, that’s created problems with the person I share it with.
I’d like to see a reset option to switch back to the original/default tempo and key or before I leave that page, see a prompt to reset or save.


I think this is what you’re saying – correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. You make a tune, then share it with another user.
  2. You change the speed or key on your end.
  3. The other user opens the song and the speed/key has been changed to whatever you set it to.

Currently, if the other user changes the key or speed for your song, their preferences will be saved to their account, and your changes won’t affect them. But otherwise it defaults to whatever settings the song creator is using at that time.

I think the solution here is to make it so that the other person’s default settings will be whatever the song was saved with, not what you change it to. I did write code specifically to default the settings to the song creator’s current settings, so I must have thought it was a good idea at the time, but I can’t see why at this point.

Thanks for reporting this!

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I need to correct myself… this is the intended functionality, but upon looking closely at the source code it would appear that this isn’t happening at the moment. I’ll be fixing this as part of the next version release, in the next week or so.

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Yes, what you said here.

Just released the latest version with these fixes. :blush:

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