Developer's Log - May 20, 2020

Hey folks! Thought I’d start posting regular updates about what I’m working on with Strum Machine. This is update #1, so it might be a little scattered, but I’m sure a format will emerge as I post more of these.

What I’ve been working on these past few weeks

First, this forum! I won’t say too much about it because that’s awfully meta and we’ve got a special category for that, but I’m glad to finally have it up and running.

Trying to get the iOS app in the App Store. It’s functionally finished, and reports from beta testers are positive. But Apple rejected my app because it violates their terms; subscription products have to implement In-App Purchases and follow certain guidelines to be accepted into the App Store. That was a bit of a blow, because it’ll be a fair amount of work to make the necessary adjustments, but oh well. (If you’d like to use the app today, become a beta tester with Apple’s TestFlight app. It’s free with your subscription, just like the app will be.)

Tweaking the Auto-Finish/Auto-Speedup status displays. I’ll post more about that under the Features forum category later.

Improving the way the app is built and deployed. Infrastructure upgrades, in other words. Not the most glamorous or satisfying work, but more or less necessary in the long run.

Continuing my ongoing efforts to add more chords and more strumming patterns to Strum Machine’s guitar. This has been a huge, multi-year project which I can talk about another time. I think I’m making some headway on it, though. I might even be “over the hill” and coming down the other side, in fact… at least with phase one…

Plus a hundred other odds and ends – tracking down bugs, answering emails, planning for the future… but I’ll just be giving the highlight reel in these posts. :grin:

What I’ll be working on next

For a little while, my focus is going to be continuing to work on things that are in progress and hopefully be able to wrap up a few of them! That means:

Improving forum integration with Strum Machine. I’m going to try to make it so that pasted songs and lists show up with a preview on the forum. In particular, I want song lists to show all their songs, and have that be searchable in the forum, so that as more lists get posted more are available via the forum search. Plus I need to link to the forum from within Strum Machine better.

Getting the iOS app ready to resubmit. I’m going to talk with Apple about the changes I need to make to get the app approved, and then make those changes and resubmit the app.

Publishing the Android app. It’s actually in the Google Play Store already! But I need to make this fact better known—as in, mention it somewhere on the Strum Machine site. :wink:

Plugging away at the new guitar audio. Again, I’ll probably make a whole 'nother post about this at some point!

What do you think?

Did you enjoy this update? Should I post more? I rather enjoyed writing it. It was a nice opportunity to look back and take stock of what I’ve been working on. But I also want to make it interesting for Strum Machine’s users, so let me know if you have any feedback about it.

Until next time, keep on playing!



Enjoyed update. Looking forward to addition of major 7th chords.