Different settings within songs..e.g. volume instruments

Any thoughts on having volume adjustments within the songs for different parts? Quiet intro…louder on chorus…etc. Or just mando and bass for certain sections? Swells and fades would be cool too.


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These kinds of mid-song band instructions have been requested many times, and while I can’t give an ETA for those features I will say that they are on the roadmap and we’ve been slowly paving the way for them to be implemented.

I worked around it by making a medley. Worked okay.

Could you just expand the medley settings? I just grabbed a small part of the intro of the song and slowly increased instruments and volume. It would be nice to be able to edit within a medley. That’d be a good way to do it if its possible.

It will actually be easier to just implement the ability to make changes to the band in the middle of a song, which is what most people have been requesting (versus medley-specific changes). I have a lot of that code already written, so we’re partway there… though more remains to be done before it’s implemented.

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