Disable yellow highlights of chords

Hi, I’ve been using Strum Machine for a couple of months now and am loving it. Is it currently possible to disable the yellow highlighting of the current chord while playing a song? I love that feature, but it’d be nice to disable it during practice sometimes so I focus on hearing rather than seeing the chord changes. Thanks for your input!

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Not yet, but that’s on my list! For now, a workaround that just came to mind would be to load a second instance of Strum Machine in another browser window (if you’re on a computer) and use that for referring to the chords, and push the first instance that you’re using for playback off the edge of the screen or behind the second window.

@LukeAbbott, great suggestion for a work-around, thank you! Happy to be a test user for the new feature too - feel free to reach out if that’s helpful.