Displayed beat doesn't match sound

When I play the song on my Android phone the display beat is 1 beat ahead of the actual beat…is there a setting to change that

Hi Mark,

I’m guessing you’re using a Bluetooth speaker, yes? This is a known issue with Bluetooth – there’s a delay due to the wireless connection, so the audio is played late. When playing videos, the system is able to delay playback of the video so that both are in sync, but with Strum Machine it’s trickier. I can’t do it from within the website (since it can’t determine the latency), but I was able to add code to the mobile app that (theoretically) keeps things in sync.

Have you tried the mobile app? Here it is in the Google Play Store. That should fix it in theory, but there are a million kinds of Android phones out there so it’s always possible that it doesn’t work everywhere.