Downloaded Desktop Version

Is there a setting that will allow me to leave the desktop version to look at a tab sheet and still keep the music playing? Whenever I slide out it stops playing.


The desktop app should keep playing in the background if you switch to another app, say a web browser, so that you can have both side by side on your screen or just have Strum Machine behind the other window with your reference materials. But I’m wondering if perhaps you’re clicking a link to your tab sheet in Strum Machine that you’ve saved in your Notepad or References, and the desktop app is not opening a new window (like it should) but rather is “taken over” by the new web page. If that sounds like what’s going on, I would like to know a) what web page or resource you’re linking to (either an actual example URL or at least the domain name) and b) where you’ve saved this link. Or if you tell me an example of one of your songs that has this issue, I can look it up in your account. Thanks!

Hey Luke,

Thanks for the response. I played around a little and found that it only does if I have strum machine on full screen mode. I discovered that while trying to play side by side with my tab, and it worked, so I resized strum machine and then moved out to my tab sheet and it worked fine.

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Thanks for tracking down the issue! This will be fixed once the desktop app (and Band Settings 2.0) comes out of beta on Monday. :slightly_smiling_face: