"Drone" as an instrument choice

Hello, I have started playing with a drone to improve ear training, but I miss all of the Strum Machine features when using a drone.

Would you consider adding a steady drone tone (a D to replace a D chords, etc) as an extra instrument choice?

This would also be an improvement on my other drone where I am locked into the one tone throughout the tune, in strum machine we’d have all the chord changes.

In my imagination I would then use “Feet” and “Drone” to have a beat plus the steady tone to practice against.


Yes, I’ll consider it! Long sustained notes are trickier for Strum Machine’s audio engine to reproduce, but it’s on my list to explore sometime in the future. I’ve gotten a couple specific requests for cello drones so perhaps I’ll start with that. But honestly that’ll probably be after I add a couple other new instruments, TBA!

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Luke, not sure if your familiar with shruti box for drones.

There are lots of vids on YouTube. When I was a whole lot younger a spent some time in India and learned to play harmonium and mridanga drum. The shruti box is a simplified version of harmonium. The harmonium is a chromatic hand organ. But it also can produce drones like the shruti box while your playing.

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