End bars on autofinish…

Hi Luke,
I’m ever more impressed with all your hard work and the quick fixes! I love the new patterns ánd I find I now use a lot of the dampened strumming especially for waltzes. Absolutely great!

One little thing: the end bar for waltzes exists of one open chord, and with dampened strumming, that final bar can be ringing rather loudly. I totally understand it’s impossible for you to decide on what ending any user would like. Like for instance instance sometimes I would like an ending to contain two beats….

So I was thinking if in the future it might be possible to somewhat edit that last bar for a song. But I understand that would be a lot to implement…

For now it would really help very much to be be able to sometimes switch off that automatic last bar format. Using an outro section could be an alternative in such cases…

Thanks, Martine

Someday, you’ll be able to select from a few different choices for the automatic ending. But I haven’t started working on that feature, other than some UI sketches which were a dead end.

In the meantime, if you want to disable the automatic ending, the workaround is to add an extra section at the end with a measure or two of “rests” (FX menu) and then make that an “outro” section so that it only plays (silence) at the end.

Glad you’re enjoying the new features!


That’s a clever idea for a workaround, I’ll trythat!! thanks Luke!

And a happy new year to you and everone on these forums!

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