Ending Last note

Just a thought on the song’s last note, is it possible you can add a small code for the ending?
like when the last note ( ending ) is played I would have the option to add time or shorten the note ( 1/8, 1/4, 3/4 or 1 ) for the ending. Some songs have a short or longer hold for ending, not sure if I’m explaining right…

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Do you mean being able to specify how long the last note is held? I can definitely see wanting to have the last chord either held (like it is now) or cut off (stopped) very quickly – as in this classic Jimmy Martin ending for example.

Beyond that, I’m going to have to add additional ending styles for other genres as well. Lots of non-American fiddle tunes have an “extra note” at the end so that the lead instrument can wrap around to the first note of the melody. Jazz/swing tunes have their own stylized endings. And it’d be a good opportunity to be able to quickly add two bars or four bars of the 1 chord for a “shave and a haircut” ending, or even an automatic turnaround of the last or two line of the song.

Most likely this will go under Auto-Finish, although perhaps it should be under the new band menu… I’m not sure…