Equalizer Feature

I use Strum Machine with several different audio devices; computer speakers, portable Bluetooth speaker, P.A. speaker and an acoustic guitar amp with built in Bluetooth.

On all mentioned devices I’m finding the bass in Strum Machine a bit heavy. I can adjust this on my computer speakers and portable Bluetooth speaker with tone and equalizer controls. However, neither the P.A. speaker nor the guitar amp’s Bluetooth connection has an equalizer or tone control. Unfortunately I use the guitar amp most often.

My suggestion would be to add some sort of equalizer to the Strum Machine app. A small 10-band would be great but even a three band Treble, Mid, Bass version would be helpful.

Thanks for listening. Great app!! Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback, Kevin! I do plan to add some sort of EQ setting to Strum Machine. It’ll be part of a larger update/upgrade to the instrument audio that I’m working toward. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the quick response Luke! I’m looking forward to the updates. Again, great app!!

Have you tried adjusting the volume of the string bass in the instrument settings?

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@Douglas - Thanks for the suggestion. I did try cutting the volume of the bass but the result wasn’t what I was looking for. What I’d really like would be to cut back a little of the low end. I was happy to read that Luke plans to add an EQ!

Any update on adding an EQ? Even a simple three band would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve done some “plumbing” for this, but having tackled the UI yet. I want it to be a simple EQ interface, with just the controls that are useful for these kinds of instruments. If anyone has come across simple EQ interfaces that they’re particularly impressed by, feel free to share! But yeah I’m leaning toward simple bass-mid-treble sliders.