Experimental metronome and double-tap features!

I just released v398 of Strum Machine, which includes a couple experimental updates that you can opt into: “double-tap to play from here” and a “metronome / click track” feature.

Here’s a quick four-minute demo of where to find the features and how they work:

Let me know what you think! The metronome in particular is a “feature preview” that is going to take some more work before I’ll consider it “finished”, but for various reasons I won’t be able to bridge that gap until the fall so I wanted to get this (very usable) work-in-progress version out to you.


Good stuff Luke! I always use a metronome synced along with Strum Machine so now I can avoid that step. I hope with the next revision you can add the functionality of stressing the first metronome beat in a measure.
Keep up the good work.
Any plan to offer the ability to pay annually instead of monthly?

Fantastic, Luke! The metronome feature is just what I needed. My wife wants me to mention that she needs more cowbell. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

I plan to do this, yes. I actually implemented the basic idea as a hidden feature of the “Quartz” preset.

LOL… I was going to invoke “More Cowbell” when I added cowbell in a future update, but you beat me to it! :joy:

Yes, you can pay annually, at a ~18% discount. Write into support using the Help menu in the top-right corner of Strum Machine and Ashley or Ellis will take care of it for you.