External controller

Hey Luke,

Is there a way to use an external device controller to start and stop the song? This might free up your hands to play a kickoff and start Strum Machine with your foot controller when the rest of the band needs to come in.

The spacebar starts/stops the song. So if you can program your foot controller to emulate hitting the spacebar, you’re off to the races. :slight_smile:

In the future I plan to offer the ability to change keyboard bindings for if someone can’t program their foot controller.

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Good to know! Even without a foot controller, you can hit the space bar with a pick in your hand or with your non-dominant hand, rather than use the mouse then try to grab your pick in a hurry and maybe drop it and have to start again (speaking from experience :roll_eyes:).

Has anyone been able to start and stop a song with a MacBook Air?

@CharlieThompson, the spacebar should start and stop the song on the MacBook Air, just like any other laptop. If you’re having issues with this, please write me directly through the Help link in the top-right corner of Strum Machine.

Since you are posting under the “External controller” thread, I wonder if you meant to write “AirTurn”? (Which is a popular Bluetooth foot controller.) The answer there is “maybe”… if the unit can be set to emulate a spacebar key, then it’ll work. Some models are limited to emulating the arrow keys or PgUp/PgDn, which won’t do the trick. I do plan to allow for keyboard shortcut customization in the future, though, which will make it so that any AirTurn foot controller will work.