F sharp diminished?

i just entered a French Canadian Tune called Reel de Pointe au Pic it contains F sharp diminished and A diminished. I can’t figure out how to input those chords, (when I hit D it changes my chord to D)
nor do i know a work around (like what chord would sound better (for sure F# does NOT sound right there.)

can anyone help? thanks

Two ways to make a diminished chord:

  1. Open the Chords menu at the bottom-left corner of the editing screen, click “see more types” (if you haven’t before), then select “dim”.

  2. Press the letter “O” key, which is used because the symbol for diminished chords is a little superscript “o”.

Note also that all diminished chords in Strum Machine are played as dim7 chords (1-b3-b5-6), not just a diminished triad (1-b3-b5). This mirrors most real-world usage of the diminished chord. For a half-diminished chord (1-b3-b5-b7), use the slashed-O symbol or press your “zero” key.

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